Philosophy Sports × Brands

We believe that sport not only has the power to inspire people but to also make an impact on the society we inhabit in today's world.


We are thrilled every day to experience the power of sport and its associated values. The global reach is unique and fascinating. The local impact can be felt in clubs, communities and in each individual participant in sport.

Sport brings people together and forms a platform for the creation of communities and emotional live experiences. It is precisely these that fuel new heroic tales, whether on or beside the court, field or green.


We believe that sport can do more than just generate awareness and brand image. With our wide-ranging knowledge of sport, we transfer its power to brands. We work every day to develop platforms that function at every point in the marketing funnel – no matter whether this involves individual high-awareness campaigns, engagement-driven activation or performance-oriented lead generation.

We help brands bring life to authentic experiences and design an optimal customer journey.


By accurately aligning and activating brands on relevant platforms, we are building bridges that successfully bind customers. But that is not enough for us. We are convinced that engagements in sport can be more than simple communication environments – with the right approach, they can deliver added value for each individual and thus for society as a whole.

The Apollo18 way of thinking stands for going the extra mile to develop concepts that enable delivery of precisely this contribution.

Skills Live × Digital

We develop live experiences and link these via digital campaigns and platforms to integrate existing customer touch points more efficiently and to create new contact opportunities.


Since 2010, our team has been creating customer experiences that are in a class of their own. Apollo18 stands for giving customers and consumers a good time. Our skills include a large number of experiential measures:

  • Events
  • Roadshows
  • Promotions
  • Incentives
  • Brandings
  • Installations


Sport experiences provide not only the perfect environment for emotional customer contact. High digital reaches and improved measurability of online touch points also ensure that in the meantime sports content can become part of the entire customer journey without any difficulty. Our digital team defines the corresponding solutions – from event digitisation, through CRM, all the way to creation of the relevant content:

  • Social Media Management
  • Digitale Audits
  • Content Framework Development
  • Communication and Distribution Concepts
  • Advertising Campaign Implementation
  • Data and Market Analysis

Full Funnel

We think full funnel at all times. Whether modules for more efficient content productions or the accurate control of campaigns, all the way to micro target groups – our solutions aspire to translate the perfect customer experience into long-term customer communication – both off- and online.

Services Agency × Consulting

We advise on the development and optimisation of sports marketing strategies and offer our clients formats for knowledge transfer and the generation of new ideas.


With many years of experience in the development of live experiences in the sports environment, we know what it means to inspire people. With our team and a strong network of service providers, we offer comprehensive agency services:

  • Implementation of sponsorships
  • Event Conception
  • Communication & PR
  • Creative Conception
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Event Production
  • Development of Brandings


As a sparring partner for brands, we want to provide assistance. We advise on a strategic level concerning every aspect of sports sponsoring, social media, digital strategy and future trends. Our market knowledge enables us to offer help in a large number of areas:

  • Strategy Development
  • Rights Activation
  • Audits and Market Analysis
  • Creative and Strategy Workshops
  • Impulse Speeches and Key Notes


We are business-oriented thinkers with our hearts in the right place and a focus on people. We are also ambitious movers who implement sporting ideas, making them real.