Beachvolleyball comdirect

A fresh perspective on beach volleyball and banking

Our client comdirect is Germany’s best bank, setting new standards not only in banking but also in volleyball! With innovative ideas and implementations, comdirect revolutionizes the possibilities for viewers, games, and players. We tell the stories.

Since November 2017, comdirect has been the official innovation partner of the German Volleyball Association. Comdirect brings innovative DNA to the court: with technologies that are new to German volleyball, unseen perspectives, and exciting facts about games and players that make the match for spectators in the stadium and in front of the screens a completely new volleyball experience. Would you like an example? With the help of a measuring system of the success-relevant game data, the spectators learn how much each player invests in success on the basis of recorded performance values such as jump heights or reaction speed.

Technician Beach Tour Final at Timmendorf Beach. Photo credentials: comdirect

Your game on your mobile phone

Comdirect is present at all major national volleyball events such as the DVV Cup final, the Technician Beach Tour, the comdirect Supercup or in the context of sponsoring the german beach and indoor national teams. Of course comdirekt will also be there. Aren’t you? No problem! Apollo18 takes over the different social media channels at the events and brings the experience packed into exciting stories directly to your smartphone.

Advanced technologies, simple visualization

Comdirect stands for contactless payment and digital services. We at Apollo18 implement these attributes at events. Our full service implements entertainment for younger and older viewers and shows them what is possible with online banking.

Personal Contact

We provide answers to virtually anything: from general questions concerning every aspect of sports marketing all the way to specific requests for projects. No desire to write e-mails? How about Instagram?